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Our Story
10Skyn was founded to celebrate real people with imperfections by providing effective and affordable skincare solutions, to help men and women feel confident in their own skin.
Meet the 10Skyn Boss, Roxie
Roxie's interest in skincare began in 2006 while working for the holistic skin brand "Orgins". During her time there she developed an understanding of the importance of caring for her skin and fell in love with the daily routine of a skin regimen. In 2018, she opened 10Skyn, a lux skincare company to celebrate and provide services for all skin types.
What We Care About @ 10Skyn
10Skyn cares about freedom, representation and inclusivity for everyone. We love providing services that bring out that best version you.
Meet the 10Skyn Team
There's no team better for you than ours!
Meet Roxie, Owner of 10Skyn
Roxie ICON
Lead Esthetician & PMU Artist
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Meet Davon, Lash Artist of 10Skyn
Davon Kane
Master Lash Stylist & PMU ARTIST
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Meet CJ, Makeup Artist @ 10Skyn
CJ "The Beat Doctor"
Makeup Artist
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Why 10Skyn?
“…so many skincare companies focus on covering and fixing "imperfections". Our goal is to enhance our clients aesthetic while maintaining the integrity of their natural beauty. We are here to educate and provide services that empower you to feel flawless in your skin."
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